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24 Hour Party People

I should probably talk about the party - first, Kaye's was nice. Her balcony especially. I'm sorry we left so early, but Millie must have gotten what I had the other day.
And that brings up ours. I ought to apologize, as I added a headache to the hand, and pain pills to my beer. If I stared at you funny, it may have been because I was wondering what a lttle green version of Jim Morrison was doing with your ear.
Oddly enough, I *like* parties. Just not in my house. My bad. It was important to Millie, and I should have tried harder, but there you are. Bastard and I have territory issues. At least *I* didn't eat a poodle the next time I went for a walk, though.



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Mar. 13th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)
I'm sorry you were feeling so rough that night, at your place. I thought something was off.

Oh, and MY Jim Morrison is blue. I saw him the next night. And he has a fondness for L.A. Woman, but can't remember all the words.
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