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That's it

Look, I have to work here. And there are some things I'll put up with, and some things I just won't.
You know exactly what I mean and who you are.
I can't believe I have to spell this out for you, and goddamit, it's just pathetic that you don't get it. And today, you crossed a line. Do it again, and I swear, there will be trouble.

Whoever the swine is who keeps taking food into the can, you've finally gone too far. The sandwich wrappers, the soda bottles...the implication was gross, but I tried to be nice and not say anything. TODAY, though, the partially finished vanilla-whatever it was in the clear container, just sitting there? Sick. You actually sat there and had a milkshake total choad. I threw up just thinking about it.

No more food in the bathroom, ESPECIALLY not milk products.
And the rest of you? Learn to flush!

This is your ONLY warning.
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