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WHO'S a Crybaby?

detectivelogan (12:59:14 AM): Are we all supposed to do Munch's meme?
DtJohnMunch (12:59:22 AM): YES DAMMIT
DtJohnMunch (12:59:28 AM): Not like you have anything better to do
DtJohnMunch (1:03:55 AM): you have to do it
DtJohnMunch (1:04:12 AM): THE MEME
DtJohnMunch (1:06:28 AM): do teh meme
So, Twenty Questions:

1. Favorite Color: I guess I can't say Blackwatch Plaid, hunh? Fine, then a nice French Blue.
2. Book: Black (ok, so it's The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring - Shutup.)
3. Movie: Ghostbusters or O, Brother, Where Art Thou, with A Midsummer's Nights Cream as a close third
4. TV show: Monk or Cold Case No, wait! The Brit version of The Office
5. Ice cream: Black Raspberry. But not if it's grainy. Only if it's nice and creamy and no nasty real-fruit bits or jelly-streaks, and NO corn syrup, and if I can get some whipped cream on that, I'd prefer that...does it HAVE to be ice cream - can it be frozen custard instead, because the texture's much better that way...
6. Sound: My fist + your face
7. Animal: Me
8. If you were a kitchen utensil, you'd be a....: Grater
9. Vegetable: (insert rude coma-patient joke)
10. Drink: Dark beer.
11. Boxers or briefs? Boxers, A size larger to give some swingin' room.
12. Music: The Kinks and Costello, plus weird stuff like Snow Patrol and women singing sad stuff, Like Suzanne Vega, Dido, Enya and Sandy Denny. Josh Radin and James Blunt are technically women.
13. Fav. Piece of Clothing: The ones on the floor
14. Season: Indian Summer
15. Cartoon: Home Movies
16. Jello: Shots
17. Last thing you said, and to who: "Kàn ni na-bu chhau chi-bai" to Munch
18. Celebrity crush: Emma Thompson wants me bad.
19. Form of Chocolate: Hot fudge
20. Alternative occupation: Layabout, or Mack-Daddy Pimp OR Professor Emeritus
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