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Why DO You Bother To Ask

The weekend? You know what? Let's just call it interesting at leave it at that. Saturday....well, I blew off a meeting, and in doing so probably made the evetual meeting worse. Worth it, despite stupid technicalities.

And Sunday. Well, much less fun, I'd say. It had its amusing bits. Especially making Goren scream. Funny, I like it when people pat my ass. Go figure. And what is it about "not interested" that drives women wild? I have SOME scruples. Not many, true, but some.

I am starting to cultivate a true dislike of dancing, though.

I'm having trouble figuring out whether this was good or bad, overall. Which doesn't make sense. The good bits were astounding, but the bad bits...? Right now, I have a key to the boss' house and a naked techie in my possession. Sadly, I have used neither.

Why am I not estatic?
Why am I not availing myself of either?
Why am I not calling in sick and causing as much chaos as humanly possible?

Damn. At this rate the Black-Hearted-Bastard's Club will definitely thow me out.

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