January 24th, 2006

hot thinking

Well, That's Just Great.

If I wanted an express ticket back to the Island, I could have just picked up a board and whacked someone on the back of the head. Would've been simpler.

There's something really weird going on around here, and I officially wash my hands of it. I have two years left to make pension. I AM not ending up as a mall cop, so help me. I actually have my eye on head of security at an all-women's college, but that's AFTER pensioning out, not before. I was hoping to pull a Briscoe and stay as long as humanly possible, but if things keep up this way...man.

I can't believe I let those two push my buttons like that. And then I went to see Deakins in that mood - well, that went really, really well.

And now I've got stapler-boy as my partner for this case. Swell. As long as he does the footwork, I guess we're good.
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