February 7th, 2006



I hate it, hate it, hate it when everyone is asleep or gone, and I'm still awake.
When I can't read, I can't watch TV, all I can do is, just wrestle with a vague sense of this and that, twisting my thoughts until my temples start throbbing and I can't actually form entire ideas, like I'm trying to fix something my fingers can't actually grasp.
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I do beleive I could head on down and get the ME to do a workup from the bitemarks in my ass. True, they are only figurative, but they are causing some considerable pain where I sit.

Poem for today? A masterpiece by John S. Hall
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Of course I would never actually steal any physical items. I've borrowed a lumalight on occasion, but who hasn't? And everyone uses the fingerprinting kits when there's a fridge thief on the loose. Hmm, come to think of it, the less said about the photocopy thing the better, and then there's what the guys in the video room get up to...but that's them, not me.

However, thinking impure thoughts on the company's time? Most definitely. It is one of my favorite ways to earn a salary. The, uh, pixy I mentioned to certain people? In my afternoon getting-paid-to-think, there's six of her. No briefcases, no suits, just wings. Oh, yeah.
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