February 8th, 2006

hot thinking

I Wish Someone Would Have Warned Me

Last night, I got Chinese takeout - big surprise there, right? Well, I got home and found out they'd screwed up my order. Instead of Mongolian Beef, it was Hunan Chicken, which I hate. I call it "human chicken" since the taste is pretty close to what I think a hideous crossbreed of hillbilly and poultry would taste like.

Anyhow, I called, they were cool about it, said they'd deliver a new order, and I could just do whatever with the old one. I thought about feeding it to Bastard, but I thought there might be MSG in it - I make sure there's none in mine, but obviously, this was not my order.

He was acting really oddly, and when I went to put it away instead of giving it to him, I heard this growl. I turned around a little to late. He FLEW at my head. It was like kissing a blender. There was some flailing, there was some screaming, and the end result is, I now know that cats like chicken. A LOT.
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