February 20th, 2006


Well, That's Just Great (reposted, lost)

Another milestone reached - the first heart attack scare. Luckily, I guess, it was only a scare, but that still didn't mean going to the hospital was a load of fun. And yes, as a huge joke, the nurse did give me a lollipop. Insult to injury, that is.

They must've been worried enough to call my next-of-kin, which only added to the fun. Nothing like coming home to your answering machine to find you've been roundly cussed out in absentia by an ancient priest with a bad attitude: "If yer listenin' to this, yeh aren't deed, and if yeh aren't deed, why the fook would yeh wake me up?"

Just to make the whole thing worse, Millie's still pretty upset. Great. If I weren't so damn tired I could try to explain this to her...well, tomorrow, then. There is a tomorrow, this time.

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