April 5th, 2006


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I took off work today. I was "sick." I feel better. Much, Much better. However, more bed rest is in order.

I married a very, very smart woman, who I should have listened to three weeks ago. And we got back too late to have it be the right day, but it's been four weeks since she was foolish enough to marry me. You may send her your condolences.

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hot thinking

A Belated Note

::On the morning of April 5, Mike Logan's desk is completely empty. It is quite obvious that he cleaned it out late last night, before any official notices came through::

Private letter to Nick Tramonti, Kaye Attwater and Carolyn Barek

Dear Caro, Nick, and Kaye -

I feel perhaps you're owed some explanation beyond the party lines. For whatever reasons, Our (Your) Esteemed Leader has felt the need to preserve his dignity by making it appear he's transferred me under a cloud.
Rather, the opposite is true. He was informed well after the deed was done. After an incident a month ago involving inaproppriate behavior by a supervising officer, I requested a transfer. At the time, I was persuaded to let that pass. However, the behavior increased rather than ceased despite my repeated attempts to reason with parties involved.
Not only has it created a hostile work environment, the stress carried forth has had an adverse affect on my wife's health, and as you well know, in her condition, I cannot have that. In fact, the complications this has created means that moving my work closer to her had become almost a necessity.
Luckily, Detective Munch needed an experienced detective to fill vacancies created at the Special Victims Unit. Since I have a great deal of faith in his experience and ability to command a squad, I was more than pleased to accept his offer.
This decision was not made lightly, and it took the combined advice of John Munch, Millie, and Phil Cerreta to convince me that this was absolutely for the best. In fact, Phil has suggested that it might be best for those who wish to have continued careers to tread very lightly around MCS, as certain people upstairs have taken less-than-favorable notice of the state of affairs. If you have any issues, you may want to ensure that you document them and put them through the proper channels, as I have done.
I apologize to you for leaving you, especially given the tone of our recent discussions, wherin I said I would stay and make the best of what we agreed is a horrible situation. Nick, Kaye, Carolyn is a voice of reason, so do not hesitate to express your concerns to her.
I will still be avaliable for technical consultation, and certainly the offer still stands for our scheduled meetings outside of work.
Kindly do not think of me as a rat deserting a sinking ship, although I feel a bit that way myself. Although you are my friends, I need to put my family first.


Oh, and by the way - in addition to the two-legged rats, there seem to be some sizeable four legged ones. Bastard was trotting around with one last night, but he dashed off before I could take it from him. He reappeared sans rodent, so it's *somewhere* - if you don't see it soon, I imagine you'll smell it later.
As the Bard said in Hamlet - "On the other hand, if you don't find him this month you will nose him when you go up the stairs!"

::scrawled on the bottom of Caro's letter:: I know I promised, and I still have your back. You know where I am, Caro.