April 23rd, 2006



Millie got lost - on Long Island. Don't worry. She took the precation of having the car catch on fire. She called me, of course, because what's the good of a crisis if you can't take it out on someone. True, I was asleep, but I'm pretty sure it was all my fault.
Rest assured, I have been chastised for this.

Seriously, she wasn't hurt, which was all I cared about. So she was worried about the baby stuff she bought and the car all being burnt beyond recognition - all right. She was rattled. Being cold and wet rarely helps ones' mood, either, and I think the fact that she was lost just added to that.
If getting woken up, yelled at, and dragged out into the rain is the worst thing that happened to me - so be it. She was all right. That's what matters.

You know what, though?
I have *always* hated that car.