April 26th, 2006


A Moment of Peace

Millie is doing better, and yes, she would like visitors. I think maybe people should call first, give us a bit of a warning, but St. Vincent's makes for a lousy vacation - we'll probably be glad for the company. Since there's no case anymore, I'll be there, and she has some exercises and things she needs help with anyway.

We had another sonogram today, and Isabel seems fine - sort of. I swear, the kid is bopping herself in the head. Either she's already beating herself up over I don't know what...or she's got a *very* low boredom threshold and is easily entertained. Neither bodes well. I don't know if she has ears yet, but I'm going to try repeating "cut it out" into a recorder for her to listen to.

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RP Moment -
Mike lies awake in the hospital bed, Millie asleep in his arms. Her steady breathing reassures him, and now, in the breaking morning, he thinks about the baby from the image - wondering if she was awake, too. Between the events of the day, he thinks, maybe this is as safe as you get.