May 19th, 2006

hot thinking

Oh, the Humanity

::comes in, sees desk, drops cup of decaf::
Who had sex on my desk?????
That is SERIOUSLY less than cool!!!
Tramonti! Get the lumalight. I want CSU up here NOW.
hot thinking

Yet Another PSA

Since you all seem to be interested:
Nope, don't play with cuffs. I do not take work home with me.
If I'm getting tied up, I like to use white silk scarves. You only need two if you do the knots right, but eh, never hurts to keep spares around. I don't like to tie up other people; not really into that version of the games.
Plaid ties also work in a pinch.
I'll be more than happy to publish more exhaustive details as long as you continue to evince interest. Nobody has to speculate - I'll be happy to get QUITE descriptive.