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A Tragic Rememberance

Ok, I understand that it's the anniversary of the date that Mrs. Stabler - your parents WERE married, weren't they, Forhead? - inflicted our favorite shaved gorilla upon the world. Thanks a LOT.
Ironically, he had more hair forty-five years ago.
Happy B-day, you bald catnapping bastard.

Detective Logan (4:15:14 PM): motherfucker
DtElliotStabler (4:15:18 PM): lol
Detective Logan (4:15:28 PM): If you HAD nads I'd kick 'em
DtElliotStabler (4:15:37 PM): hey, bday, be nice!
Detective Logan (4:15:39 PM): you balless bald asshole
Detective Logan (4:15:47 PM): oh. Happy b-day, too
Tags: baldy, birthday, stabler

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