det_mike_logan (det_mike_logan) wrote,

Back to the Grind

Here I am. Sunburnt and cranky. Cranky, cranky, cranky. NOTHING new on the case. NOTHING. ::sound of head on stupid, stupid desk::
Are these phones connected? Did MCS lose their internet connection? Did everyone in the city DIE, like in Twelve Monkeys?

I have one errand to run today. One. I'm betting the universe hates me and that's when the shit hits the fan. Not that I'd care, as I'm going whether Bloomberg, the Chief of D's and the rest of the players in this city show up with the Rolling Stones in tow.

If they do, however, Tramonti, Kaye, and Caro - I don't care which of you does it, but you hassle Keith Richards - I want another autograph, and he still owes me $75 bucks for some refreshments from back in 1978. That bastard KNEW that was for everyone in the room. He doesn't come forward? Book'im. He's got enough crap in his system for his blood to count as a controlled substance in quantities that we can prove intent to sell.

Oh, and stay outta Bastard's way, too. He's apparently pretty riled about the cat-sitting.

ANY non-work related conversation needs to filter through Millie or maybe Caro. It's just better that way. Trust me. It may be spring, but it is a cold November in my soul, as Melville had Ishmael say.
Tags: appointment, case, millie

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