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I took off work today. I was "sick." I feel better. Much, Much better. However, more bed rest is in order.

I married a very, very smart woman, who I should have listened to three weeks ago. And we got back too late to have it be the right day, but it's been four weeks since she was foolish enough to marry me. You may send her your condolences.

To: Det. Frankie Silvera
From: Det. Michael Logan
Yo, Silvera -

I know you missed Satan's Island, so I'm gonna make you more at home. Your life is about to get so much worse. Bwah-ha-ha-hah.

All yours,
Mike "You-know-you-miss-me" Logan


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Apr. 5th, 2006 02:13 pm (UTC)
Mmm...not foolish...after all you did say I was "very, very smart"...oh yeah...have you seen Bastard since we left yesterday? I seem to be missing several garments of clothing as well...
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