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Wallace - you know who and what you are

I was thinking about her today, of course, since she's been fairly active. We can call her a monster, a terror, but what she is is much simpler than that - if we see her for what she is, she loses what she was trying to gain.
She's just a thief. A pathetic fucking little thief, the lowest type of perp there is. She stole that boy's childhood, she's trying to steal our peace of mind, and in a way, steal our lives, our time, the only things we really have on earth.
There's nothing more pathetic than a thief. She's one of the worst water - she can't have anything of her own, so she imitates what she can and tries to ruin all the rest. She mocks real life, real emotion; she sees other people doing it and pretends that it's hers. The people who can't make their own things and have to take from others - low.
Someone somewhere told her she was special and wonderful - she likes to surround herself with people who say that; those are the people she uses. Bobby Goren does that, even, by saying she's different. That's all she likes to hear -that she's special. She's not. No thief is.
She thinks she can steal a real life for herself, and when Bobby called her on it last time, she decided to try to steal what we had. Our lives, day by day, our time, spent on her instead of ourselves and the people we care about - and for what?
At the end of the day, she knows she's a liar, a fake and a thief. No matter how many other people tell her differently, she'll know she's a fraud.
That's why she hates him. That's why she's willing to attack us, for being what she can never be.
If she ever really looked in a mirror and truly saw herself? She'd do the world a favor and hang herself like any common fucking worthless thief should do.