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The Munch and I are doin' just fine. Although Jimmy has NO food in the place, except for those gross cookies in the box with the pictures of the dog on 'em. Quite nasty.
Shit. There's a LOTTA pizza boxes around here. Where's all the pizza? LOOK at all these beer cans. Damn.

Also, I know I'm still a little woozy because my shorts disappeared when I was in the shower. I was lookin' for 'em, and Munch was still facedown on the floor, but he was laughing about "Underpants Gnomes." Maybe they have a cat, an' the cat took 'em. Cats can look like gnomes, right? I mean, gnomes are magic, so they can look like ANYTHING. I must still be kinda trashed - that almost made sense.

Who left the Disney DVD in? Weird. Looks like lick marks on the TV...

Man, I think cleaning this up would do him a world of good...therapy, that's right. Wow. This's gonna be some serious therapy.

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