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Attention Men of NYPD -

The women are heading out tonight - they say. I am staying in. My doctor says that on 4.20 I should calm down, and so I am. I am going to watch murder mysteries, eat brownies and NOT TALK ABOUT MY FEELINGS OR DISCUSS WHAT'S BOTHERING ME.
There will also be fritos in great quantities. The take-out places are on alert and ready to move.
Anyone else is welcome. Munch, Goren, I'm looking at you.

Oh, and we are NOT - I repeat NOT - going to even THINK of going to White Castle.



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Apr. 20th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
*snickers* You boys have fun. I won't be able to make it out tonight after all, so be sure to let Millie know, if she doesn't already.
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