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Where Am I?

Oh god, so tired. So very tired...when did she get so noisy and so perky? I had this weird-ass dream where they carried me through the streets of Rome, or something, and I think I was dead, because they plastic-wrapped me to a bier...only the damn thing had a price tag on it that kept hitting me in the face, and if I was dead, howcome I noticed it was cold and raining? Nobody was yelling "Hail Pompey," either - just things like "hey, that dude is wasted!"
However, when I woke up I was here, on the couch, which for some reason feels different, but I'm too damn tired to care. It's cold - why doesn't she bring me a blanket or something, instead of singing "Get up! Get up - before I kick your butt" - in this weird hamster voice? I blame Harper. Or Goren. I'm gonna kill one of them when I'm awake.
Gahhh - she's got a whole list of things to do, and she keeps running in and thinking of more. Can't she see I'm playing dead? Hell, I don't think I'm playing. Let me sleep!
And let me get this fucking price tag out of my face...what? What the hell? This cost how much? I'm awake now! MILLIE!
(20 minutes later)
Now I'm tired and my ears hurt. I'm going to lie here on this wonderful, beautiful couch, which was very reasonably priced, and was, after all the one I picked out, and was a real bargain for what it was, and that we totally needed becuase god knows I don't want the baby coming home to a ratty smelly couch that had-god-knows-what happen on it, and I'm a bad person, and we *needed* a new couch, and I was no help at all, and goes with our living room perfectly, and, and ok, the perfect couch that we NEEDED and Millie picked out and I should THANK her...I'm gonna go to sleep now. Then paint. Yes, dear, of course. In a second...five more minutes....
Tags: couch, isabel, millie, tired

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