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Email To Carolyn Barek

To: Caro
From: Mike
Caro -
Hey, since you're multilingual and doing the best man thing, I figure you can serve as my offical guyspeak-to-womanspeak translator on this whole deal. Like I said, I'll do the tuxedo if I must, but bleah. I hate bowties. Also, I would have to buy it, since I hate renting pants. Think about it - how nasty is that?
Call during the chatting process if you must - I'll tell you what I think, and you can translate for me. That way, if she needs input, you can say it in a way that doesn't put my precious-of-preciouses in jeopardy again.
Oh, and Munch would probably like to see you while he's at St. Vince's. He said something rude to me in some weird-ass language, and I think he likes it more when someone's there who can appreciate his "wit."
Tags: caro, munch, rewedding

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