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So, back to the case at hand. I do beleive Mr. Whaley is about to add to the collection of bodily fluids in interrogation room 4. Tramonti and I are wondering whether he'll cry or piss himself first. However, the new evidence suggests the little weasel might be tougher than we thought. Doesn't matter. Long or short, we WILL break him.

And the outcome of this weekend? Mixed, I'd say. It's almost a relief to put a name to the things that bother you, and it's like cutting open a wound to make it heal clean. At the risk of getting literate at you again,
I took my question to the shrine that has not ceased from speaking,
The heart within, that tells the truth and tells it twice as plain.

It's not quite the situation Housemann had in mind, but it fits anyway.

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