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This Evening ::private - a death in the family::

There's a lot of things I could cover, but the important one is...Corey's dead.

Caro just had the talk with me about stupid risks, and this was the result of one. But how the hell was he supposed to know the perp was we even know it's the same person? For all we know it could've been someone out to get him, entirely separate from the case. What was he doing there? Why?

Goddammit. It shouldn't have happened. He should've taken backup, he should've told us where he was going. He was just a kid, and we should have been looking out for him. If he made a stupid mistake, then the blame falls on us as well; we knew better, and we were supposed to be teaching him. He was supposed to be able to count on the team - we all failed and he paid the price.

It wasn't only Corey we let down, we let Max and Katie down as well. We have to live with that, too, the fact that we know these people who have a hole in their lives now. They met us, they counted on us to keep him safe. Now we have to look what's left of his family in the eyes.

We'll get the bastard who did this. I've worked homicide long enough to know that that's the part of the job we can control. But when it's another cop, a guy you worked next to, a guy who was supposed to be careful, smart, invunerable - just like you - it hits home, hard. One mistake, or even being in the wrong place, the wrong time and that's it.

I hate that fucking dress uniform, and this is why.
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