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Note on Case C

Caro and I met the crazy lady, oh joy of joys. She's got another account of assaulting an officer on her sheet now, and I need to see Tramonti.

God only *knows* what she had under her nails, and don't anyone go blaming that poor wee beastie of mine for these scratches on my face. If Bastard had tried to take out my eyes, he's competent enhough to do it right.

CPS needs to take that kid far, far away from her. On the bright side, I think we got some good stuff out of her. I'm reviewing for the whiteboard now, and if anyone wants to discuss it...let's go.

TO: R.Goren, A. Eames, C.Barek, E.Acosta, A.Eckerson
From: M. Logan
Hey -
I spoke to Jackie (Det. Barr of SVU for those who don't know her well). I think the reason the case got split may be partially because of the second-killer theory, and because she came on at the same time as Baer. She's taking it pretty hard. I told her we'd be happy to pitch in where and when she needed us; this week might be rough, so anyone who runs into her, keep it in mind.
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