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RP Moment -For The Houseguests

It sounded like a bear with an air-raid siren. That was really the only thing it could be. It thumped clumsily down the hallway, each heavy step resounding on the floor. For some reason, the bear kept going back and forth with the siren, up the hall, down the hall, the wailing and the thumping back and forth, growing (slightly) dimmer then becoming (intolerably) louder.
If one strained to hear, it seemed the bear was alternately pleading with and moaning at the siren, a staccato "Please, please, please be quiet," at some points, an unsteady, drunken, tuneless bleating at others, something that may have been a lullaby in someone's worst nightmare.
Finally, the wailing changed timbre, and the was crashing and cursing, presumably from the bear, in the kitchen. Then silence.
At this point, if a houseguest unwisely ventured out into the living room, another disquieting noise filled the air. There was a steady "sluccck, sluuck sluuuuck," only interrupted by a horrible gulping sound, at the end of which the slucking resumed, louder and faster.
In the living room, Mike Logan held Isabel on his lap, with the blue light of the television giving an eerie glow to the room. He stared blankly, half-dead, at the screen, jaw slack, unshaven, rumpled beyond belief. He was also in his underwear. Isa was similarly disarrayed, her diaper skewed as if changed by someone with their eyes closed - which it probably was. She was latched onto a bottle, eating with a great deal of gusto and noise - hence the "sluccck-ing," which stopped only when Mike paused to create the deathgulps by picking up a carton of juice and drinking directly out of it, still never seeming to wake up.
Any movement caused father and daughter to stare fixedly and uncomprehendingly at the source of the disturbance, until the force of the stare compelled an intruder to a hasty exit. The three a.m. feeding of the damned was not a sight for the weak.



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Aug. 12th, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
John Munch was awakened with a jolt by the ear-piercing siren sound.

"Abbie...ABBIE..." He grabbed hold of Abbie Carmichael, who lay, now awake as well, beside him.

"ABBIE, they're AFTER ME..."
"John, go back to bed...'s just the baby..."
"Go back to sleep..." Abbie turned over.

John sighed heavily and threw back the covers, getting up. He would investigate for himself. He wasn't a detective for nothing. He got up, and wandered cautiously into the living room. And then he saw them. Eyes transfixed on him, looking...rather other-worldly....

"GAHHHHH!" John Munch ran out of the apartment.

Abbie turned over in her sleep. Down the hall, Millie briefly woke and then also went back to sleep. In the living room, Isabel finished her bottle and finally closed her eyes, allowing Mike to do the same....
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