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RP - Logan and Eames

Eames and Logan, post-Stalworth interrogation. We may not like each other, but we like the newbies less.

After Eckerson left, Eames returned her attention to her comatose husband.
Logan eased into a chair, groaning a little as he held his sore leg. “Eames, is it just me, or do the uniforms get dumber and dumber?”
She laughed. “It's not just you. I think we're getting the FBI rejects or something.”
“Yeah, great...”
On that note, a uniform officer arrived in response to Eckerson’s call. As he looked around in confusion, Logan snorted in disgust. “Hey, you - your ass....hole in the ground...what’s the difference?”
The uniform just looked confused, then saw Eames. His face lit up as he exclaimed, “Hey, you're Alex Eames!”
“Yes.... why?”
“ I met your dad when I was in the academy. He showed us pictures. I hear you're with Major Case...”
She smiled a little and made a mental note to ask her dad NOT to show her pictures to random people “That's right.”
“Is this your case?” The uniform motioned to Stalworth and checked his notes. “We got a call from… Detective Eckerson.”
“Oh no. I'm not on this one.” Eames smiled. “Talk to Logan over here.”
Another ferocious glare from Logan. “Yeah...you know...the guy who talked to you?”
“Logan...” The name registered with the uniform, his eyes widened in fear, and he shuffled closer to Eames. “Yes?”
Logan gave a loud, exaggerated sigh. “This is how it works, junior. You get a list of personnel. Nobody who's not on shift comes in. Badges have to match faces. No stories about changes. You got that?”
Bobbing his head in terror, the uni agreed. “Yes, sir.”
Eames, at least was unphased by Logan’s show of dominance. “You want me to have Bobby moved to a different room, Logan?”
“Why, you think Richard'll be back?”
“Wouldn't put it past him.” She shook her head. Who knew, with Richard Goren?
Logan thought for a moment, then shrugged. “Don't you think a guarded room would make it a little harder?”
Eames nodded. “Good. We'll stay put. Two birds. One stone.”
“Sure...sure” Logan heaved himself to his feet. “As long as your fan club doesn't fuck it up.” Giving the uniform one final glare, he limped from the room.