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Adjusting - Private

Millie and I bought a tree, and started some shopping, but Isabel's cold cut it short. I think it's hard for Millie to understand that I'm not the most holiday-inclined guy, but I'm trying to make an effort.

At least I was until we had the discussion about the nativity set. I lost my temper again - not at her, but...I don't know at what. It's hard. It's one of the things I never took into consideration, since the plan was not to get married or to have a kid. There's no way to win this fight - I don't want to take her faith, but it's not something I can do, not anymore, not ever.

I remember a time when the Church was comforting to me, but that was long ago, and I know better now. The hands that took the ability to believe left a lasting mark.
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