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Cleaning House

Okay, the tree went out a lot easier than it came in - I tossed it off the fire escape. I just missed that jerk on the third floor, but there's always next year.
Then Millie and Isabel watched me put away all of Isabel's toys. I had no idea that making me arrange dolls was that amusing. It could have been, but Millie saw me pick one up and told me "Don't you DARE do what you're thinking of doing," so no funny doll dioramas for me.
It's official - Isabel has more stuff than I do. I find this somewhat mind-boggling. I even thought she was going to say "Daddy" by way of thanking me, but she yelled "Da!" at me, then at the cat, and then at a used diaper. This is not encouraging. Neither is her funny new game - "Stick-a-finger-in-Daddy's-nose-then-smack-him-in-the-head." It's a good thing she's cute.