det_mike_logan (det_mike_logan) wrote,

I see your meme, and raise you one

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
Who's the hottest cop of all?
(and who's perfectly ready to kick in a smartass mirror who has an answer he doesn't like?)

TheeSummer DayScore
NameMike Logan (87)Friday 15th June (141)0 : 1
LovelinessLovelierLovely1 : 1
Temperature98.6° F58.37° F2 : 1
Lease49 years1 141 750 000 000 years2 : 2
Complexion 3 : 2
Buds of MayShakenShaken3 : 2
Eyes can see2N/A5 : 2
Mike Logan is more lovely, and probably more temperate, than a summers day
Compare Me To A Summers Day
Tags: meme

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