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Catching up (RP Moment set on Tuesday)

Mike settled down on the couch, idly flipping through the TV channels. Since Millie wasn't home yet, he was supposed to be watching Isabel, but she was busy trying to break something, maybe the cat, judging from the noises in the kitchen. Oh well, that was Bastard's problem.

Onscreen, he saw the words "McCabe Trial" - that must be the Faith Yancy thing everyone was so pissed about. He turned up the volume and called the baby into the room. "Isa! Here, come here." She toddled in, dragging a pot with a very angry cat inside of it, babbling excitedly.

"Yah, bahcad fo' nah," she pointed with a toothy grin. "Bassar ha fesh."

"That's nice, baby." He wondered what the big deal was. Yancy was an idiot - that was obvious. Okay, yeah, Rubirosa was young, Wheeler looked young. The politician thing was almost old enough to drive; couldn't she get better dirt? That crazy woman was trashing both sides of the case - what the hell was her point, anyway?

By now, Isabel had noticed the television. "Eeee!" She tossed a block towards it, then, for good measure, spat.

"HEY! We don't spit at the TV! NO!" Okay, well, there were lawyers on it, but still.

And then....

"Waitaminnit. Ugly? UGLY? That wattle-necked weasel called ME ugly?" His eyes bugged out. Bastard freed himself from the pot and fled in the confusion, while Mike picked up Isabel and sat her on the couch. "Nevermind, Isa-baby. Spit all you want. Can you say 'stupid lawyers?'"