det_mike_logan (det_mike_logan) wrote,

Memo to: Everyone
FROM: Mike Logan
SUBJ: Taskforce

Now that I can, I'm calling for a thinktank. It occurs to me that some of our detectives pull their weight...well, kind of literally, not naming any *Goren* names.

As of today, you're on call to figure out whether a high I.Q. makes you more delectable to zombies or whether your brain is all stringy. The flip side of this study is if you're on the Bobby, I mean, blobby side, whether cannibals find you disgusting or extra-delectable, like kobe beef or something.

The hard part is, they tell me I can't actually authorize you to feed anyone to anything, but I guess that's your problem.

That's it - get to work, and be careful out there, or don't. I'm not your mom.

Tags: memo

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