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Failure to Communicate (RP moment)

In the market, the tiny, curly-haired child teetered silently next to the display of translucent plastic pigs, staring at the bright colors.

Mike stood waiting for his daughter, but after several minutes, lost his patience. "Isa," he said, but she didn't turn. "Isabel." he repeated louder.

Still no response, as the baby stared at the toys.
Finally, without looking up at him, barely loud enough to hear, she took his hand and said, "Can hab," in a reverent tone.

"What, one of those?" Mike stared at the pigs in disbelief - cheap, thin, junk. Who needed a crappy piggybank like that? The kid didn't even have money! "No, baby. Let's go."
"Can hab," Isa repeated, not tearing her eyes away. As Mike went to pick his daughter up, a roar shook the shop. "CAN HAB!"

Startled, he put her back down, and reached for the topmost pig. "Okay, okay."
"NO," Isabel shook her head; apparently, she had a particular pig in mind.

Twenty minutes later, Isabel clutched her pig as Mike piled the rest back in the bin. "Fine. Happy now?" The baby nodded, adding "Can hab."
"Yeah, can hab." He straightened up, holding his back with a grimace, following her as she toddled to the counter

Okay, I don't get some things about women, and I don't get some things about babies. Some things about female babies? They just hurt your heads - and they start early!
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