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Oct. 5th, 2008

So, Millie's mom broke her leg, Millie blew it all out of proportion, and now I have a hyper kid and a cranky mother-in-law to contend with at the house. Millie's going to get crazy because her mom drives her crazy, and who's gonna get the butt-end of the crazy? ME.

What's worse is, I can see why her mom's irritable. Millie's taking away the little independence she had left. I know she knows we mean well, but it's hard to take - just like Isa's moods are hard to take. Millie's so rattled by the idea of her mom getting old, but she doesn't see how tired the kid makes me. I was the idiot arguing with the toddler at the coffee shop the other day, and the whole time, I was thinking "I'm too old for this."

Millie doesn't want to hear that; she's made it pretty clear. She refuses to see why I don't want another one running around. She has a point though - this isn't fair to her, not at all. I told her that when we got into it, and I should have stood my ground. I wasted all my time, the time when I could have kept up wih this, and then tied her to me when I didn't have it left in me. I love her. I love Isabel. But I get so damn tired some days, and when I think about how unfair it is to them...well, anyhow. It's what it is.