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Attention all you people whining about lack-of-costumes: I mock you. Mock, mock, mock!

You don't see ME moaning and groaning - why?

I already have a costume. Yeah, I'm going as Batman again. I like it, it fits, I'm wearing it. This sucker cost me enough the first time around that I'm gonna wear it until the bat-undies fall off. Considering they're made of some kinda high-grade teflon stuff, that'll take a while.

Pick one great costume and stick with it - that's what I say. This is brought to you by the great Logan family tradition of "if it still fits, wear it!"

And yes, if it fits when I die, I just *might* be buried in it. It cost more than any of my regular suits!

PS: Also returning this year - my policy of free wedgies for anyone dressed as a bat-villan.


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Oct. 29th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
*vaguely disgusted look* ...bat-undies?

OOC: Ahahaha. "Yes, Bat-undies, to cover the Bat-a-wang."
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