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Well, usually work is crazy busy, and home is perfectly normal. You wouldn't know it from these last two weeks, though.
The office practically has tumbleweeds blowing through it, and home...the ups and downs have finall settled on up.
I know it's fast. And it seems nuts. Know what? I don't care.
Not a lot of you have been to my apartment, and those who have might not have seen the whole thing. There are rooms I hardly go into. It's a weird place, always has been. There're the areas I spend most of my time in, and the other spots? It was nice to know they were there, in an abstract way. All of a sudden, I need them. They're open, I'm using more, and it seems a lot like life. How can giving away part of your space make the whole thing seem like you have more instead of less?
This is a good thing. And it makes the bumpy ride here worth it.

I joked about "Tropical Storm Millie" - but really? Anything she's blown away in her path needed to go. Breaking down old things makes you look around and see what you don't need. As you look around after, you can start over, finding what you need and what you want.
Building and rebuilding is a delicate process...but I think I'm ready to start.

Remember when you were a kid, and you whirled around in a circle, around and around, until you were dizzy and delirious, and it made you glad for the weirdest reason? She makes me dizzy in that same way, until I feel like I've collapsed on the grass, and am lying there, just happy. Summer in the middle of winter. That's her.

Fill the sky with love
Fill the sky with love

I wouldn't mind but she just turned up on the doorstep
Wistful and ashen, slightly bedraggled
Last time I saw her she was howling at the moon
Roaming the forest, lupine and rabid
Oh oh, is she wild?
Does she see my inner child?

But then she knows it's like a curse
To find the chosen roles reversed
To unify my universe
To call me mellow

If only I was half my age and she was older
We'd live on ice-cream on Coney Island
I know it's gravity that drags down my balloon
She stays in orbit way after midnight

Oh oh, slip and slide
Does she go all dewey-eyed?

She'll dress down for us
She'll break new grounds for us
Watching me cracking up

But then she knows it's like a curse
To find the chosen roles reversed
To unify my universe
To call me mellow

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