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Detective Mike Logan

Zen & the Art of Dropping Perps - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

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Detective Mike Logan

This is a character journal for the roleplaying community lawandorder_siu . If you are interested in learning more about roleplaying characters from the TV show Law & Order, see lawandorder_siu for details.

Name: Michael Logan, Detective First Grade
Age: 49

Squad: Currently: Major Case Squad
Formerly: Homicide at the Two-Seven and Domestic Disputes in Staten Island


Third-generation Irish-American Cop.

Mike Logan grew up in the Bronx, living with two alcoholic parents. His narcissistic mother was physically abusive toward him, while his father, a beat cop, was seldom around and refused to see his wife's "discipline" for the violence it was. While he took occasional refuge with his paternal grandparents - being quite close to his grandmother, an immigrant from Meath who claimed to have "the sight" - these moments of peace were far and few between.

He developed a wild, reckless streak, becoming the class hellion and the despair of the teachers at the Catholic school he attended. Mike's quick temper landed him in many fistfights before, after and during school, also serving to disguise any bruises he'd gotten at home.

Still, there was something evidently amiss, as he attracted the attention of a priest preying on several of the altar boys who came from dysfunctional homes. While Mike escaped serious abuse, his psyche suffered further damage from this attempt.

This did not, however, harm his early attraction to the opposite sex - even as early as seventh grade, he made the audacious move of asking out his teacher, Miss Conoway. She said no, of course, but the Mike Logan M.O. was established - shake yourself off, and go look for the next one...

Mike went to college with no real ambition for anything in particular. While he skated through most courses doing the bare minimum and still passing, he did show a talent for critical thinking and following a story through odd details. (He also developed an affection for poetry, which he keeps quiet but blames on his Irish ancestry.) He drove a cab to support himself, lived in a group house that was less than reputable, amassed a fairly impressive track record with the ladies, and had one seriously disastrous affair that led to his dislike of overly intellectual people.

He went through a short period of unemployment after college, which ended with the advent of his mother's death and his father's heart attack. Bowing to pressure, he joined the force, where his natural cynicism and nose for the "wrong guy" helped him make the rank of detective. He bonded with Max Greevey, his partner at the Two-Seven, and was devastated when Max was killed in the course of an investigation. His next partner, Phil Ceretta, was also injured on the job, and Mike was then paired with Lennie Briscoe, who didn't mind trying to break the jinx Logan seemed to have acquired. They made a great team, until the day Logan threw that punch....

Exiled to Staten Island, it was a long hard climb back, hampered time and time again by Mike's behavior. Whether "dropping" a perp out of a chair, or phoning in sick for a case of company, he still made his cases, but chafed at being trapped in the minor leagues - and then, things changed again.

Now assigned to the Major Case Squad, Mike is determined to stay in the big leagues. He is used to being the hard cop, the one who puts the screws to the suspect; while his partner handles the odd cerebral details, Mike follows his instincts.


Mike has a hair-trigger temper, combined with a barely concealed sadistic streak when it comes to suspects. Empathy is Bobby Goren's business - Mike uses what he can tell about a perp to exploit their weaknesses as much as he can. He's played the "good cop" at Barek's prompting, but it's not his natural role.

He puts up a good front as a chauvinist pig, but has some surprisingly modern views about women. He's not a stick-with-it guy, though, Max Greevey accused him of having dated most of the female population of NYC. Of course he hasn't, but he's working on it.

His past is a sore point for him - a certain type of woman makes his blood boil, reminding him of his mother. He also has no use for religion, and his one serious relationship and its traumatic end is a closely guarded secret.

He still hasn't grown out of the acting out he did as a child, making jokes during the grimmest of situations, and often behaving in a juvenile manner around his coworkers. the charming neanderthal act may be old, but it's comfortable for him. Barek suspects him of napping while he's claiming to "think."

Also, he is the guy who ate all the donuts in the break room.

Mike clocks out at the end of the day, tosses his tie, and cuts loose. Sometimes, he gives the distinct impression of clock-watching, and while he's dedicated to the Job, that's what it is - The Job.

A perfect evening alone would involve beer, porn and poetry, though he'll never admit to the last - unless you catch him after the beers and before the porn.
A really perfect evening does not involve being alone. Well, not until afterwards....

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